Maercks SRS

DR. MAERCKS found his way into the gratifying role of being a transgender focused plastic surgeon after transgender patients began seeking out his expertise in reconstruction and restoring aesthetics to complications of initial transgender surgery elsewhere.  His Natural appearing "Aesthetic Facial Balancing" procedures also attracted many patients seeking effective and un-operated looking FFM.  After developing relationships with such patients he became acutely aware of the unmet needs and frank dangers facing the transgender community.  After seeing complications of sexual reassignment surgery performed elsewhere and at the urging of his many transgender patients, he decided to offer comprehensive care in house at The Maercks Institute.  Dr. Maercks discussed these needs with his international colleagues and engaged world leaders in SRS to discuss tips tricks strategies and techniques and formulated his own technique to maximize function, orgasm capability, moisture and of course an elegantly beautiful made by nature appearance.  This is the Maercks SRS.

The Maercks Institute
​sexual reassignment surgery